Six Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look And Feel Fresh


Are you repeatedly thinking about how to improve the way your bathroom looks and feels? Perhaps you have caught the summer cleaning fever. Whatever the reason is for you to take your bathroom seriously – we are here to help you out. 

Here are some quick ways to make your bathroom feel and look fresh.



Decluttering is not only great for the bathroom, but it also helps you sort out the clutter in your mind while you are at it. The best part – you might ask. Well, the best part is that it costs you nothing at all, and it works wonders. 

If you are like most homeowners, you have gathered hundreds of near-empty product bottles in your bathroom. Now is the perfect time to let go of them. Just follow one rule – toss what you don’t use in a trash bag and only keep the good stuff. 

We recommend decluttering your bathroom and toiletries every three months to keep things tidy and organized. 



With summer in its full swing, store away the winter scents and introduce summer scents into the bathroom. The same rule applies to your scented soaps that you have been keeping all winter and spring. 

When it comes to summer scents, you can choose floral, herbal, and citrusy scents and soaps. These simple tweaks can improve your overall bathroom vibe.



If budget is not a problem, you can consider a bathroom remodel and change the feel and vibe of your bathroom. You can get a professional on board and get their expert opinion on remodeling the bathroom, including updating the old bathroom features. 

You can replace the old water and light fixtures with new ones. Maybe you want to opt for a contemporary style to give your bathroom a modern touch. 



Your living room isn’t the only space to put up some amazing parts – you can do the same in your bathroom. In fact, by introducing some cool art in the bathroom, you can make it instantly lively, like an actual living space. Not to mention the compliments that you might get from your guests visiting your house after the makeover. 

Make sure to opt for prints and frames that won’t get affected by the humidity in your bathroom. 



To improve your bathroom, you can integrate some greenery, and we all know that a bit of greenery here and there in your living space works like a fresh breeze. In fact, with the help of the right plants, you can change the entire atmosphere from going to lively real quick. 

You can place the plants on the vanity. You can also get creative and hang plants from the wall. You don’t necessarily have to opt for real plants – even faux plants will serve the need. 



If you don’t have a bathroom rug already – then it is time to get one for your bathroom. But – if you have been keeping the same rug for years now – it is time to update the rug and throw away the old, gross bathroom rug.

Make sure that the new bathroom rug has an interesting design and eye-catching colors. 


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